Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Iomega NAS - Drive Failure and Replacement Drive Won't Start Rebuilding

First off, let me say how disappointed I am in the ix4-200d product. I've had it a year in a half and was initially hoping to use it for testing and virtual machines. Its slow performance via SMB and iSCSI made it useless for these features. I was lucky to get 20 MB per sec during my initial testing.

I've used it for backup of my workstation using robocopy in a scheduled task once a week of all my primary partitions ever since - a sort of peace of mind backup system. I also had set this unit up for e-mail to notify me of any issues or RAID issues.

I received an error of disk 3 failing a few days ago and contacted Iomega. Longer story short - register the product within 90 days of purchase and save your proof of registration or Iomega will throw you in the cold.

My colleague gave me a used 1.5 TB disk and used it to replace the failed disk. After turning the unit back on, and logging into the web interface, I received this error:

So, I clicked I agree to overwrite, but once again I was greeted with the same error over and over.

No big deal, I have SSH access from playing with it previously to configure Ethernet teaming (to squeeze more speed which did nothing). Here's a tutorial to enable SSH -

  • Connected via SSH to the unit
  • Scanned the disks associated to the LVM - pvscan
  • Confirmed the my new drive by inspecting the partitions with - cat /proc/partitions

  • Cleared the new disks partition table, which happened to be sdc

    • fdisk /dev/sdc
    • o
    • w
      To clear the existing partition table and then write the changes

  • Reconnected to the web interface and after authorizing the overwrite of the disk once last time, I was able to see the RAID begin repair and rebuilding using my new disk.

Okey Mcsmokey Skiddly doo!


Unknown said...

Hey Justin - fighting a failed drive on my ix4-200d myself at the moment. Do you happen to know if you can hot swap a failed drive in this thing, or better to shut it down when swapping a disk?


Mike Martin said...

I pulled out all of the drives from my Ix4-200D and now they are all mixed up. what order do they go in?