Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year

I've been posting pretty slow with updates. Work and my personal life has been keeping me super busy. I also started on an Pinewood Derby Arduino Project ( and that has kept me running in the mouse wheel most of the holiday.

Here's a list of a few how-to's I'd like to share with everyone this year:
  • Configuring Trunked / Multiple Tagged VLAN / EtherChannel for ESXi 4.1 to Stacked Cisco 3750X
  • Configuring Trunked / Multiple Tagged VLAN / EtherChannel for Cisco 3845 Integrated Service Router to Stacked Cisco 3750X
  • Using Excel to help prepare Cisco switch configurations
  • I've built the CDMA via SCOM 2007 R2 script into a multi-system input that uses queueing folders for inbound messages to erase issues with SCOM getting backed up with outbound messages (which the first example I gave exhibits) It has been pretty stable with this design.
Until then, may we all work hard, be honest, and be prepared.

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